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The Best Part of Learning Reiki

Self Healing, Detox and Spiritual Growth!

Okay yes, that is three things - Let me explain. Taking a Level 1 Reiki Class not only teaches you How to do Reiki but in order to channel the universal life force energy you received an attunement. That is the juicy part! The Reiki attunement is where your master teacher facilitates your connection to source turning on your ability to channel the energy yourself. Through this process many people experience the benefits (and often mild symptoms) of a gentle cleanse or detox. Many people experience healing benefits from the attunement in addition to having gained the skills to give themselves Reiki self treatments. An other magical benefit of receiving a Reiki attunement is the opening of awareness to subtle energy and intuition. Some people join the class for the purpose of deepening their connection to their inner wisdom. There are So many great reasons to join a Level 1 Reiki Class! Join the email list to receive notifications of our next class offerings!

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