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60 minutes | $125 

90 minutes | $190 

New Clients | 45 minutes | $95  (phone)

This empowering and transformative process of accessing the energetic records of your unique soul is equal parts informative and energetically beneficial. Deep soul healing occurs as you gain enlightened perspective and new awareness on past experiences that are impacting you in this lifetime. Your souls records are accessed using a sacred prayer.  The questions you ask and your openness to receive curate the information that comes through. Feel lighter as unproductive patterns are cleared away and your soul comes into better alignment. Benefits occur instantaneously or unfold over days to weeks. The Record Keepers meet you where you are and guide you into your brightest future.  Sessions are in-person, zoom, or by phone. Victoria completed her training at the world renowned Akashic Records Consultants International.


60 minutes | $190 

90 minutes | $285 

This two person session is a powerful way to access information about you, your loved one, and how your souls align. Deep healing occurs as hidden dynamics inherited from the past are revealed.  Guidance comes through on the interplay of your souls in this lifetime. The Record Keepers bring forward the pertinent information in a loving supportive way that respects the individual boundaries of each person.  These sessions are for the highest good and mutual benefit of each person involved.  Sessions are in-person, zoom or by phone.

Victoria seated in meditation during an akashic records consultation

"My Akashic Records Consultation with Victoria was a profound experience that proved both clarifying and empowering about several key pain points in my life right now. I felt like letting out a joyous 'whoop' when it was over!"

- Alexandra C. | Portsmouth, NH

Victoria doing Reiki on client lying on treatment table


60 Minute  |  $85


The benefits of Reiki are many. Reiki means spiritually guided life-force energy and is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. A session can feel wonderful, leaving you feeling like you’ve had a full night's sleep in just an hour's time. The energy relaxes the nervous system into “rest and nourish” mode of the parasympathetic nervous system and allows your body to release energy blocks and balance the flow of energy in your system. This type of session treats the whole person including the physical body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body as they all connect and affect your overall wellness. The life force energy is fully conscious and flows only towards your highest possible good. This session may include intuitive messaging, chakra balancing, flower essences, meditation guidance, crystal and stone work. 



45 Minutes  |  $65


This energy healing session rebalances the seven main energy centers (chakras) and uses a custom blend of flower energy to support the alignment. Flower essences support the emotional energy body to correct the flow of energy for overall wellness.  Rejuvenate and support your busy life with monthly energy maintenance sessions. Intuitive messages and guidance create a deeply personal healing experience.  Pricing includes a dropper bottle of your custom blend flower essence along with instructions for dosage. 

Victoria's hands holding small flower essence bottle

"I have had the pleasure of receiving the gift of Reiki & Energy Healing from Victoria over several years. Victoria is a generous healer who humbly shares her gift of energy healing with those open to receiving. For those considering Reiki, I highly recommend Victoria. You will be pleasantly surprised. Victoria will gently guide you into your experience and support you throughout. You will leave, looking forward to returning."

- Susan C. - Portsmouth


60 Minutes  |  $100


Highly individualized sessions focused on supporting you in the unfoldment of your spiritual gifts. Practical advice, hands-on practice and special assignments tailored to help you better align with your unique inherent talent as well as helping you expand and develop new skills. Because of the nature of this work, please contact us before scheduling so that we can be assured that we align with your individual needs and scheduling time-frame.

Victoria and student practicing Reiki energy healing during spiritual development class
Victoria and student practicing Reiki energy healing during spiritual development class
Spiritual devlopment
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