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Resurrecting Yourself in Spring

Spring equinox, Easter celebrations and the Goddess Eostre all draw our attention to themes of rebirth, renewal, creative awakening, fertility, and abundance. A shift from the static quiet introspective pondering of winters slumber to the dynamic informed stirring’s of activated growth and expansion of spring. In this seasonal process lies potential for our own personal resurrection.

The energy of this transitional season is not simply a call to spring forward with movement; but rather an organized plan of “informed growth”. As a seed inherently holds the the fully realized future design of a mature tree, we too hold the blueprint of our future self actualized "Being of the Devine" or BOD. The complex plans for your unique BOD lies in wait for conscious activation or “informed growth” to become resurrected.

We, like the seed, hold this information until the time is right for our own “informed growth”, the unfolding of consciousness in movement. This creative process is not random movement, it has purpose and an organized order.

The seed knows it must root before it shoots; and so the first movement is the emergence of the root tendril. It reaches out to anchor into the nutrient rich soil. Once the root is secured then the seed allows the shoot to unfold engaging it’s leaves to open and stretch up towards the sun. We too must feel a sense of anchoring, a grounding down, in order to expand and enfold. Informed movement or growth for us is having conscious awareness, setting a clear intention, and then activating mindful movements that are in alignment with our intention.

The spiritual definition of Resurrection is the "rising from the dead of a divine or human being who still retains his own personhood or individuality. though the body may or may not be changed. However, the general definition is "bringing forth new vigor and life; revive a practice, use or memory of something." Our own resurrection can be an activation of any personal stirring that brings us back to our true self (or BOD). Allow yourself to become aware of which aspects of yourself you wish to activate and cultivate more of. Below are some journal prompts to support your opening awarenesses and help "inform your growth" so that you may Resurrect Yourself!

What wisdom have you emerged from winter with?

How can this wisdom inform your growth?

What innate gifts have laid dormant inside of you that are now ready to see the light?

Can you feel grounded and safe now to expand?

What is calling to you from within that wants to come out to play?

How can you empower playful creativity in your everyday?

Can you know yourself as a Being of the Devine and as such a creative force for love?

What are you passionate about, and how can you tend to your passions?

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