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Recapturing Earth's Energy from Afar

There are amazing places on this beautiful planet that give us a sense of calm restorative energy. When we visit these places we want to linger, breathe and take it all in so that we may feel energized and balanced. Often times these places are crowded with others who have a the same or very different agendas and it's hard to take it all in.

My recent visit to Sedona brought the idea to the forefront that you can recreate your own unique experience of a place that you have been in a way that can support you anytime and anywhere. Wh Solider's Pass, we approached the 7 Sacred Pools with reverence, however, we were not alone. There was a crowd of exuberant hikers enjoying the foamy water that was pouring from pool to pool due to the recent snow melt and heavy rains. The pools were alive with energy overflowing from one to the other cascading downward toward a gentle river. As I stood at the edge imagining my own energy flowing, circling in each chakra center and overflowing to the next, I was distracted by kids yelling to each other and jumping across the pools. I told myself I will come back to this later. holding that intention I "dropped a pin" on the map in my mind. I took photos both in my mind and on my phone to capture the essence of this sacred place. I took short video to record the power of the water and continued on my hike.

After returning back to New England I felt the call to return. Using the visual images and video to bring me back, I sat in meditation. I used all of my senses, remembering the sights, sounds, smells of the rushing water along with the taste and feeling of being in that place to locate the pin I had dropped. I was so easily and quickly returned to that place, feeling the emotional and physical benefits of its nurturing flow. My batteries recharged from afar! The more you practice the quicker and deeper the benefit. I encourage each of you to try this powerful exercise to reconnect to the places that the serve as conduit to source energy for you!

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