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One of a kind....Mala necklaces to Support you on your Journey

A Mala Necklace is more than a pretty piece of neck wear. It is chosen with intention and created with stones that hold specific healing vibration. Mala beads can be such a powerful tool. They can be used in the traditional way as prayer beads used to count your breath, chants or mantras (see link below). Mala's can be infused with Reiki energy to boost your life force and balance your chakras. They can also be "programmed" to hold the energy of intension that you wish to manifest. Then they can be worn, kept by your bedside, in your car. or anywhere nearby until you have reached your goal. Each piece is mindfully hand and heart-made with your highest good in mind. Let us Help You Create the Change you Seek!

PS. For more information on how to use the beads click here.

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